Getting the ‘Balance’ back.

After several telephone conversations, people details, an outline of the overall objectives and thoughts on location, I duly set to work in building a comprehensive day out for ‘Team Rock Fall’.

The location chosen was the Peak District National Park, partially for the mix of fitness levels of the team, but equally as important was the location, which was ideal for the team travelling from Derby.

So twin routes planned, one for the ‘fitter’ bunch and a more relaxing route for the more ‘casual’ walkers.

My intention was to get the team as ‘far away psychologically’ from the constraints of work as is possible, to enable them to discover stuff about each other and themselves, to enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the Peak district and to encourage some open-minded thinking and creativity that they could take back to the business.

So, the ‘digital detox’ was planned, I just needed to sense check the route.

In early April, Matt (Business Director) and myself spent 4 hours wandering around the Ladybower and Derwent reservoirs, sense checking that the ‘mix’ was right for both parties. It was, so a few weeks later Matt confirmed the date for the team event, and we were now good to go.

The route took us from Cutthroat bridge, up onto the ridge of Whinstone Lee Tor out to back Tor, lost lad, and then dropping down near the Howden dam, making our way back to the Ladybower visitor centre where we all enjoyed Mr Whippy with a flake in it! (They used to be called 99’s, but with inflation I think they are more like £2.50’s)!

In the end there were 5 team members, two dogs and me, which worked out to be a great number allowing everyone the opportunity to mix effectively.

Walk over, and with everyone suitably warm after 4 hours in the countryside, it was time to re-hydrate and grab a bite to eat, so we all headed off to the Yorkshire Bridge pub, which certainly did not disappoint!

Having posted the days details on Linked in, I think we have sparked some imagination of a ‘different’ way to invest in your teams, and a way in which creativity can be re-ignited, away from the confines of the madness of e mails and phones calls!

With over 3,298 impressions we may just have started a ‘Rock Fall trend’

Escape, discover, Grow.


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