Outdoor Preparation

As we head off into the darker part of the year, its definitely worth checking that the rucksack you carried throughout the summer months, has been adapted in order to continue to support your safety and wellbeing through these darker, damper months.

Check out our practical insights into the right Preparation for going out into the great Outdoors, the Links below will take you to all our information and tips to guide you and keep you safe.

What to carry in your Rucksack

Our pragmatic and practical views on what to carry in your Rucksack for trips out, plus a few tips etc.

Check out our guide over a Rucksack.

Outdoor Clothing

Now that we are into damp and cold days, it’s a great idea to check what sort of Clothing is required before heading out.

The primary piece of clothing this time of the year becomes increasingly more important, as such we strongly recommend Brubeck performance wear Base layers for their expertise of clothing used in extreme conditions and a range of alternative industries.

These guys offer new solutions that are great for everyday usage as well as demanding environments.


Here you will find out intuitive guide on types of Footwear needed for the Outdoors.

Walking Poles

Our preferred supplier in this area is Mountain King who make and supply a full range of Poles.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the special discount for their products.

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This is the bedrock of safe mountain days out, and the time you invest training and developing this area will give you massive benefits for all your future days out, as well as ensuring that you don’t end up requiring the service of the local Mountain Rescue team (as lovely as they are)!

To ensure that you are appropriately equipped for your mountain days, the guys at Shavenraspberry are a gold mine for essential tools and items for serious navigators, hillwalkers and mountaineers.

Always better to be safe than sorry!


Here’s our simple guide on getting ‘sorted’ with the right Food & Drink for your trips outdoors. #WarmVimto


There are many accessories that you could take with you when you venture off out to play, however now more than ever you should seriously consider in investing in a Quality head torch should any of your adventures take a little longer than planned.

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