Staying safe at Night

The prospect of dark mornings and equally as dark early evenings, is something I personally don’t enjoy! That said, it can be a time of incredible beauty as we witness the trees changing to their orange and brown autumnal colours, which more that compensates for the darkness that pervades the whole day!

For me the challenge is now the motivation to get out, particularly when the weather is pretty damp into the bargain, it’s this time of year that I have to pull on all my reserves to get the motivation to capture the few beautiful early mornings whilst I can.

Dark nights

Going back to the Dark skies, you should ensure that when in the mountains you have a form of lighting that will support you and enable you to be safe, should you over run a late afternoon walk or indeed if you are competent enough to be spending your time out night navigating.

Everyone will typically have their own personal favourite ‘bits of kit’ and with that in mind let me tell you a little about mine, that being the LEDLENSER H7R CORE headtorch.

I have been using this product for over 10 years now, and as such I am a staunch advocate of this quality product.

These are the details of this model – the H7R Core

· Its waterproof

· It has a long distanced beam focus (approx. 250m)

· 7-year warranty

· 1000 Lumens light output – It’s bright! ·

Finally, here a few randoms from the month capturing the very best bits that November has to offer so far!

Safe Travels

Martin & Chris

(AKA Clogs & Compass)