Silva Carbon Fibre Trekking Poles

The sun has arrived, and the days are as bright as they have been all year, although perhaps now just a little too warm to be out for a long period, unless of course, you are an early riser or late finisher.

Being in the early riser category, presented me the opportunity to get off out into the Peak District to ‘road test’ the latest new addition to the Silva stable!

But before I get to that, anyone that knows anything about navigation will be fully aware of the Silva brand, who, in 1933, were the very first people to develop the liquid filled compass. We continue to this very day to use this genius invention, to make sure that we stay safe and well when navigating in the great outdoors!

Before I ‘dive off’ into the feedback on the fabulous Carbon fibre trekking poles, do you know the following facts about Silva?

1933 – They invented the first liquid filled compass, which prevented the needle from swinging.

1939 – They introduced the very first mirror sighting, liquid baseplate compass

1982 – They launched the world’s first handheld GPS with an integrated digital compass

2008 – The double light beam technology was developed that adapts to how the human eyes work in the dark

2020 – Free technology, where the power cord is integrated into the headband, which combined with soft textiles gives a unique comfort experience to the user. This initiative won the prestigious ISPO Award in 2020

2022 – well, here we go, they have now entered the trekking poles market to compliment the extensive range of quality outdoor gear.

So early Saturday morning with rucksack packed, I headed off to give these poles an appropriate trial across the peaks and groughs of Bleaklow. For those of you that have ventured out in this area, you will be only too familiar of the boggy peat with its undulating ups and downs, ideal testing ground for ensuring stability of travel across ‘interesting’ terrain.

My observations are as follows; these are a well-constructed lightweight pole, with nicely formed cork handles for ease of grip and reduced heat. They have an easy ‘flick lock’ system to extend them, my one piece of advice here is that you should ensure you give the screw a little incremental tighten before you ‘flick lock’, this will ensure that they don’t fold into themselves when you are leaning on them for support!

The wrist straps are a nice touch, they are comfortable and are branded on the face, which highlights the brand but more importantly evidences your investment in quality outdoor products.

During todays outing I chose to use the baskets, as I did not fancy the poles disappearing into the deep recesses of the peak bogs of Bleaklow, they are adequate and are easy to attach.

These carbon fibre poles performed well, felt light in my hand, and gave good support when presented with either the Peaty bogs or the rocky trails of the Peak District and at just under £120 are pitched appropriately in the carbon space.

For further information on these poles please go to:

Happy poleing!