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December the Damp and Dreary Month:

So here we are, already into December and I have to say its perhaps the least favourite time of the year for me. Nothing major I might add, it’s just the prospect of dark mornings, early dark evenings, damp, cold, windy or any combination of all of the above elements!

I probably should hibernate until March and everything would be much better!

But wait, that’s not really how it is at all, there’s the amazing combination of the autumnal colours as the leaves change, the beautiful pale blue colour of the sky with that hint of pink, indicating that the day might be slightly cooler, and the occasional view of the sun, low in the sky, trying unsuccessfully to offer some degree of warmth to support us when we are out and about!

The answer then is this. Get an extra layer of clothes on, adjust your pace when you tackle those mountains (we don’t want incremental sweat condensing on us when we stop for a brew), stick another extra layer in the rucksack and of course, it’s the law to make sure you have a flask suitably filled with your hot drink of choice (mine’s a Warm Vimto)!

Make sure your planning is good, the dark creeps upon us quickly so get the headtorch in the rucksack. When we are cold, we tend to shiver which burns calories like you wouldn’t believe, so ensure you have plenty of food & snacks in the bag to keep you going all day. And if you are an avid user of technology when navigating, don’t forget the colder weather is likely to impact on battery life, so carry spares or if you have one, have your power bank available to top up along the way.

Enjoy this period for all the beauty it brings to the National Parks.

Stay safe on your travels

Martin & Chris

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