June 2022

So, June’s here, the Jubilee celebrations have been and gone and in one of my first outings to the Peak District National Park, I once again found myself thinking back to the home page introduction in May, where I talked around the benefits of brushing up (or even developing) some degree of Navigation competence.

On Friday, whilst doing a ‘recce’ for some future clients, I ‘rescue’ a lost family who were out hunting for ‘Over Exposed’.

For more details about that, have a visit to our blog page to get the full account.

Continuing our theme of simple tips, we just wanted to present a few simple ideas on how we chose to use our flask, that can save some degree of excess luggage and of course, help reduce the weight you might be carrying on a simple day out.

Both Chris and I have used this methodology on numerous occasions and the beauty of it is in its simplicity.

Using the flask of pre boiled water, when you arrive for your lunch stop, you can use approximately half of the contents to add to your freeze-dried meal.

The long-handled spoon enables you to stir the contents thoroughly thus avoiding any ‘lumpy bits’ in your, soon to be eaten, lunch.

The remaining water is utilised for making your coffee of choice to enjoy with your meal, which on a cold day is an absolute blessing.

A simple wipe or two afterwards, cup stowed in your rucksack and you are well on for the second part of your journey!