What is it all about

During the last twelve months we have collectively gone through an incredibly challenging experience (lockdown), being ‘caged’ for long periods of time devoid of physical human interaction and stifled through containment, is not particularly good for our health..

Both Chris and I are fortunate enough to be keen on the countryside, and recognise the physical and mental benefits it can offer, hence our new website, Positive Outdoor 365  (EscapeDiscoverGrow)

We hope you like it and can find something positive to support you on your journey.


It’s easy to get locked into the same routines, stifling creativity and potentially leading to challenges to our wellbeing.

Madness: “the very definition of madness is doing the same thing, time after time, and expecting a different result”(Einstein), and in our opinion is a current thought that is bang on the money!

So, what then, can we do to ‘balance’ our ‘wellbeing and mental health’?

Yes that’s it, it’s time to Escape to the countryside


With all the” chatter” going on in our heads, the countryside is a fabulous place to become more receptive to fresh ideas.

Our physiology changes as we move into natural landscapes, blood pressure drops, mood lightens, Creative thinking improves.

All of which, presents us with an awareness and curiosity giving an opportunity to become a better you (or perhaps even regain the ‘old you’ before you were tired and intellectually drained)!

You Discover your real potential, to be your best self.


Free of limitations, being in the great outdoors can enable free thinking, fresh meaning, and a capacity to energise oneself

Knowledge and interest in this “new” environment can build and enhance mental capacity

Its time to Grow

Martin ( Compass ) & Chris ( Clogs )