What is it all about

Our purpose for developing this website was driven from, what we believe, was a need to help people who choose to venture out into the Hills, fells and Mountains, that may not have experienced them previously or indeed may not necessarily have all the knowledge to ensure their safety whilst exploring.

Whilst venturing off into the Mountains with good intent may seem a great idea to restore balance and aid wellbeing, it brings with it a few challenges that the uninitiated may not necessarily know, we hope to help in this area.

Both Chris and I are fortunate enough to be keen on the countryside, and recognise the physical and mental benefits it can offer, hence our website, Positive Outdoor 365 (Escape, Discover, Grow)


It’s easy to get locked into the same routines, stifling creativity and potentially leading to challenges to our wellbeing.

It’s time to Escape to the countryside


With all the” chatter” going on in our heads, the countryside is a fabulous place to become more receptive to fresh ideas.

Exploring the great outdoors gives us an opportunity to become a better self (or perhaps even regain the ‘old you’ before you were tired and intellectually drained)!

Discover your real potential, being Outdoors gives you chance to be your best self.


Getting ‘off Grid’ can enable free thinking, fresh meaning, and a capacity to energise oneself

Its time to Grow

Martin ( Compass ) & Chris ( Clogs )