Most people will be very aware of this particular ‘Buzz word’ as its become increasingly more higher profile, as we attempt to re-educate ourselves on how to support this beautiful planet on which we live. From  a ‘getting outdoors’ perspective, its easy to see the immense benefits being outside can offer us but conversely we also have a ‘duty of care’ to the planet to ensure we leave no trace, other than footprints, and follow the Countryside code to keep the great outdoors as it should be.

Both Chris and I share a very simple philosophy that is;  ‘Carry it in, Carry it out’, and its with this in mind we truly believe that we can make a difference in protecting our beautiful National Parks for future generations if we all adopt this mind set.

In order to help cascade this simple message onwards, we believe its helpful if we all understand how long some of the typical household items we see ‘dumped’ in the countryside, take to decompose.

  • Orange peel/Banana skins – 2 years
  • Coffee cup – 30 years
  • Drinks can (aluminium) – 200 years
  • Plastic bottle – 450 years
  • Plastic bag – 500 Years +
  • Glass bottle – up to 1 Million years.

So, please help us to help the planet, politely remind anyone you know that we have a ‘duty of care’ to keep our National Parks in pristine condition, if you can also always remember  to carry a spare shopping bag & disposable glove or two with you to gather up any litter you might see on your travels, that would be a fabulous step on our collective journey.

Above all else please don’t forget the Mantra “Carry it in, Carry it out”!

Guidance and advice on Respect the Wild, whilst Wild Camping, can be found on this link to the BMC website


Sustainability at work in the Peak District.