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Shaven Raspberry

Essential tools for serious navigators, hillwalkers and mountaineers. This fabulous business is run by Scott and Lyle who are experts in land navigation and currently serve in the Scottish MRT keeping people protected and safe in the mountains. They provide the very best equipment that is tried and tested through many years of practical experience. Lyle is the world renowned author of The Ultimate Navigation Manual.


Based of their extensive manufacturing expertise of clothing used in extreme conditions and a range of alternative industries, they offer new solutions that are great for everyday usage as well as demanding environments.

With clients in sport, athletics, tourism and various types of recreational activities, they provide a range of comfortable, seamless garments to support health, wellness and comfort.

The Fresh Air Leadership Company

Delivering Leadership, Coaching and team development in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, managed by excellent facilitators enabling clarity of direction, strategy & decision making , the ultimate outdoors business service for business people.(without the business bullshit!)

Bolle Safety

Protecting eyes for over 130 years, with a clear mission to detect and defend our eyesight from the potential harmful impact of solar exposure.

Mountain King

Made in Great Britain, Mountain King manufactures a superb range of trekking, hiking and ultra running poles. We make poles for everyone from casual walkers to adventure seekers, mountain explorers to ultra endurance runners.With is well deserved reputation for high quality reliable poles, all are produced in our factory in Newcastle upon Tyne, by a dedicated team. Our high quality trail running, trekking and hiking poles are a result of hard work and attention to detail. The Mountain King range offer choice and flexibility.

Take advantage of our exclusive discount code by clicking on the Mountain King Poles link and quoting OUTDOOR36510 when you place your order.

Adventure Monkey

Adventure monkey has been developed to provide a resource on general physical and mental wellness as well as a guide to activities and adventures which can help you get and about and enjoy the wonderful things the UK has to offer , well worth a look at their website or links here underneath.


NavTrek is an independent grass root navigation training academy based in Lancashire and South Cumbria offering a full range of navigation courses by qualified Mountain Leaders. From beginner’s map reading skills to contour interpretation, night navigation and NNAS accredited courses*. 

NavTrek was founded by Scott and Rose in January 2020 and was born from a desire to support and empower people to safely access and enjoy our wonderful open countryside and outdoor spaces; and now more than ever is this needed. 

All our activities take place in the great outdoors in our natural environment of space and freedom. Being outdoors is our passion and we love to share this with others. Alongside our navigation courses we also offer guided wellbeing walks, corporate team building events and bespoke challenge and endurance events. We are experienced in working with people of all ages and abilities and our events aim to be inclusive, sociable and enjoyable for all.