June ‘22 – Extra Bank Holidays to explore the Outdoors

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The Jubilee Celebrations save of the day!

I just wish people would have the common sense to understand that the Peak District can be a challenging environment, particularly if you have ZERO navigational skills….. rant over!

I posted the above on Friday 3rd after a classic ‘save’ of a party with limited navigational competence!

Here’s the other side of the story (my dilemma) to allow people to appreciate what happens when you f@ck up big time!

After preventing them from following the Pennine way all the way to Torside,(and a taxi back to Snake summit no doubt), I am then faced with the dilemma of keeping them safe through their own incompetence!

I stand on the Cairn on Bleaklow Head, until they can see me, and I then indicate the direction of travel they should follow to their party leader!

Bearing in mind, I have already briefed them to follow the clearly marked track to the Wain stones, head for Hern stones (directly South of the Wain stones) and after that aim for the trig on the horizon!

I stand on Hern stones for approximately 30 minutes, getting a severe buffeting from the wind, waiting for a visual on them to ensure their safety! No sign of them!!!

Now, my conscience is in complete turmoil, where are they? Do I track back and relocate them? What if they’ve gone off on another trail?

When you meet people with ineffective Navigational skills, I guarantee the fact they cause this kind of dilemma does not even enter their minds!! Fortunately, after a substantial wait, I spot them on the horizon along with an additional group of four people

! My conscience is now clear, my concern was not for the adults I might add, but for the young child with them, who was probably hungry, thirsty and fed up of walking through the peaks and groughs! This is my story on one day, the MRT deal with this daily…. Don’t be a nugget, have some consideration for the potential impact you present by incompetence in poor planning, preparing and lack lustre navigation capabilities!

I have lost count of the number of personal saves I have made! Be safe, consider the potential impact you might have on others if you cock up! The Mountains are beautiful but hostile in equal measure!👍🏻🥾🧭

Finding ‘Over Exposed’ B29 Superfortress – some simple tips.

Get a Map – OS Explorer OL1 – The Peak District, Dark Peak

Buy a compass – SUUNTO or Silva

Learn how to measure distance to your objective (crash site in this instance)

· Shaven raspberry grid reference tool – should do the trick

· MapTools – Coordinate scales and Protractor, will also do it too!

· How about a ruler then?

Learn the basics of calculating timing

· Shaven raspberry Timing card

Wear a watch

Ok, so here goes, this is the real basics that you would need to adopt to get yourself in proximity of the site you are attempting to find.

· Park at Snake Summit, (on the Snake pass) adjacent to the clearly marked footpath, the Pennine way.

· You should realise that you need to head off in a Northerly direction.

· Have you measured that the approximate distance you will travel (using your measuring tool) at 2.75 km?

· Using your timing card, travelling at 3 kph you should be close to your destination in 55 minutes.

· If you carry on along the Pennine way, you will end up being an MRT statistic!

· Once you have travelled this far, you will need to head West for approximately 700m or roughly 14 minutes, (this is where I suspect most potential errors are made)!

· Your guide here is the trig point at 621 m on Higher Shelf Stones (this is within 200m of the wreckage)

The following pictures are purely for guidance on using your tools to assist you in locating ‘Over Exposed’.

Failing that, get some quality navigation training or a Guide who will ensure your safe passage to the site…

My fees are very reasonable!

Happy Navigating


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