Things for your Rucksack Lid….

Rucksack lid Contents:

  • Essentials for ease of access as follows.

· Hat & Gloves

  • For cold weather a woolly hat can be a life saver, helping to retain body heat
  • For sunny days a peaked cap will reduce the glare and prevent your head from over exposure to the sun
  • Cooler days, simple lightweight glove or glove liners will suffice
  • Wet or cold days, ensure you have a quality glove on board.( lightweight gloves are not easy to put on when hands are particularly wet & cold)

· Single snack chocolate bar/biscuit

  • When you get the ‘Rumble Tums’ its always good to have a snack immediately accessible – under nourishment can lead to poor decision making.

. Compass

  • An obvious requirement to enable you to stay ‘on track’
  • Learn how to use this well.

· Whistle

  • Hopefully you’ll never need it, however in the event of an incident this needs to be readily accessible.

· Sunglasses (polarising)

  • You need to be aware of protecting your eyesight from harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Glare can also be a factor that impacts your vision (particularly in the snow).

· Sunscreen

  • Even on a cloudy day the harmful rays of the sun can pass through the clouds.
  • Reduce the UV exposure, particularly with long days out, with sun cream. 

These are the basic items but the important ones , we also have our personal items which we add to .


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