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Maps – OS or Harvey?

Ordnance Survey maps offers either Explorer or Landranger format.

· OS Explorer – excellent details, 1:25,000, great for detailed walking routes.

· OS Landranger – Great for bigger area coverage but less details at1:50,000.

If you are unsure which Map scale you would be comfortable with, why not follow this link for further details:

Getoutside Ordnancesurvey Maps

These Maps can be either paper maps or laminated. For the little extra cost we would advocate buying the waterproof laminated version.

Harvey maps are all Laminated and cover most areas within the UK.

· Superwalker XT25 – 1:25,000 scale, Waterproof, tough and lightweight

· British Mountain maps 1:40,000 scale, waterproof, tough and light

If you have not used a Harvey map before, why not follow this link:

Why choose a Harvey Map ?

Martin & Chris

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