February – The Wet month

After the excitement of the mini-competition between Chris and myself during January, I elected to go ‘dry’ and to do Everyday 10km, February has so far been both an anti-climax along with a complete washout!

Personally, the 20th March cannot arrive quickly enough, we have had more than enough of the damp stuff to sink a ship, which unless you are absolutely barking mad really gets in the way of planning outdoors adventures!

Chris had a mad January, bashing out over 320Km around the flatlands of the Netherlands, and I managed to just edge it putting in some 340kms during the period, the best highlight of which was 23kms around the Edale Skyline which reminded me of just how fab’ it is when you get the opportunity to put in some decent hills and countryside stuff!

Just lately the extent of being ‘caged’ by the weather has taken its toll on Chris, and he has gone slightly bonkers believing that he has now turned into Rambo, see the picture below of the Paintballing excursion he recently undertook, where he managed to secure the flag twice!!!

So let’s all look forward to the Spring, some lighter days and nights and slightly fewer ‘webbed’ feet.

Chris and Martin

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