‘January 2022 – Here we go’


Here we are in January at the start of another year of fabulous challenges and adventures, both Chris and I would like to wish you every success in the great Outdoors in 2022 and beyond.

We know all of you appreciate the value of nature, wilderness, and the different activities we can do in it. This last period with Covid has taught us to appreciate and value nature even more than we previously did and realize how dependent we are on being out in it. Nature has helped us all in numerous ways through the Covid period, and we hope that despite the difficulties, it has unleashed a new spirit of adventure Outdoors for everyone.

This Month we are looking back at a few of our favourite things of 2021.

1. PositiveOutdoor365 was born in April and our website took its first ‘leap of faith’.

2. Our first blog – Edale Skyline.

3. Safe Navigation – Blog.

4. Blog – Windmill walk with Chris.

5. Blog – Invasion of the Lake district. (specifically Rannerdale Knotts)

6. Our session on Outdoor Preparation .

7. Scotland road trip – With the Fesh Air Leadership Company

There was so much ground covered by Chris and I during our first 8 periods, it was difficult to hone it down to our firm favourites. We love our section on Previous tips giving you a flavour of some of our escapades throught the period.

We recapped our major charity push from 2019, (Project944 blog), we had a session on Couch to 5kms in the Glyders, the UNS team got out for a day around Chrome hill and the Dragons back and then lastly specifically for me, I really enjoyed my session on ‘Aircraft Hunting’ in the Peak district, specifically revisiting Navigation using contours, more on aircaft hunting later!!

This January why not get outside even more for the year?

Getting outside for 30 mins a day ?

Making plans to hit the hills and do it .

Start a walking group up with family & friends.

Spend some time helping in the hills cleaning up the rubbish with a group of volunteers. (carry it in, carry it out)

Also this month !!!!!

Martin is proposing to facilitate guided walks within the Peak District, for those interested specifically in locating ‘Over Exposed’ the B29 crash site located near high shelf stones on Bleaklow. Very reasonably priced at £30 per person, you can be sure of a fun day out and safe return.(rather than depending on calling out the Mountain Rescue team)

Additionally, Martin will spend dedicated time using his expertise from his time as an Instructor with the Ultimate Navigation School to deliver the same but with specific navigation training to help build confidence and competence in aspects of land navigation. Again reasonably priced at £75 per person.

Our fees charged will support the ongoing website development and support our two charities Mind and Fix the fells .

Please feel free to contact us via our website.


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