December 2021 – It’s been an interesting year!

Incredible really isn’t it, here we are already part way through the first week of December in what can only be described as a bit of a roller coaster ride for all. The stuff of nightmares via a pandemic, rules and regulations that may have (or not in our case) prevented us all from getting into the great outdoors as much as we would probably have liked, and more nonsense to close the year out with variant number 3572!!!

On a much, much brighter note, Christmas is a fabulous time, not least of all for catching up with the family, and certainly for me, enjoying the best dinner in the world on Christmas day itself!

Talking of Christmas, it can be a time where its difficult to determine what would be a great present to buy for your nearest and dearest, so on an ‘outdoorsy’ note here’s a few thoughts that may help you to find that special present, that will most definitely be appreciated (and not returned in January) for your respective partners!


Dark nights generally mean it’s time to check our torch of choice, what with early dark mornings and darkness creeping in by 4:30 in the afternoon, what better than spoiling someone with a fantastic new headtorch from LEDLENSER.

Even better if you quote this promotional code you’ll get 15% off too!

PO365LL15 – 15% discount

Walking Poles:

Next on the wish list, how about a fabulous new pair of walking poles to help with that stability as your trudge through the variety of slippery surfaces underfoot.I personally ‘road tested ‘these earlier on in the year, flip to our tab on outdoor preparation for more details of poles by Mountain King, also they have given a promotional code that will get you 10% off your purchase.

OUTDOOR36510 – for 10% discount

Base layers:

Layering up: we have both experienced a huge variety of base layers in our outdoors experience, but by far and away the most comfortable merino wool, best fitting and extensive range belongs to Brubeck. They have something to suit most outdoors activities and my favourite at this time of the year is the Brubeck Thermo LS shirt, its really toastie, and a brilliant start for layering up on these cold winter’s days!


Hands get cold very quickly, and particularly so if its blowing a hoolie and raining simultaneously, as Chris and I were recently reminded of on our Thirlmere trip in the lake district national Park!

Now, there are a variety of excellent branded gloves out on the market, and its very much about brand preference and weather its fit for choice or purpose.

I’m going to point you toward a brand you may not be familiar with called Ejendals, who have a fabulous Swedish heritage in manufacturing protective equipment in extreme climates. Furthermore, they have been about since 1949 so they really do know their stuff!

These two beauties are code number 7792 and 295, they are excellent, durable, waterproof and definitely won’t break the bank to purchase at less than £20.


During the winter the wind, glare and cold are all a proverbial ‘pain in the posterior’, but there are a couple of brands here that have fabulous goggles from their winter sports ranges that are really top drawer.

UVEX & Bolle:

Taking care of your kit:

Now would be a good time to ensure that your waterproofs are still waterproof, and it’s a truism that the better care you take of your gear, the better it will look after you. Not only that, but we need to ensure we care for our kit longer to aid with the whole issue of sustainability.


Given that we will be spending perhaps a little less time outside during the damp and horrible weather, it’s probably a great time to brush up on the navigational skills! What better than buying the most comprehensive land navigation manual written by lyle Brotherton.

This is a fabulous , easy to follow instruction manual for anyone wishing to build their confidence outdoors, I should know, I’ve taught from this manual for many years!


How good are your current range of maps, are they ‘thumbed’ to death, battered by the wet and wind with all the associated rips and tears?

Both Ordnance survey and Harvey do a great range, we have used both and each has their own respective merits.

The best place I have found to buy these from, and at a reasonable price point, is as follows:

Outdoor leadership:

If you are feeling that in your business environment the old methods of ‘chalk and talk’, and dull training and development methodologies have seen better days, how about really putting yourself ‘out there’, literally and getting in touch with Dave at the Fresh air Leadership co.

An experience with well qualified, well-rounded facilitators that will help you de-clutter and gain new, fresh perspective on ‘ll help you be a better you whatever your particular quest in life looks like!

You can find Dave on:

or email –

Our journey through 2021

When we started positiveoutdoor365, it began from our quest to enable people to be safe and well when venturing outside into the beautiful country parks that exist for our benefit.

We had no idea where this would go, (a bit like Chris’s navigation at times!!) however we have been overwhelmed by the fantastic engagement you have made with our site, your interesting feedback, some new thinking on our web content, but in the main we have loved the fact we have achieved global engagement, which we did not anticipate for one minute, and an increasing number of hits on the site have made the project all worth while!

As you can see from the graph below, we are reaching the dizzying heights of 14,000 hits per month, truly mind blowing, and since inception we have recorded 80,341 hits on the site.

Thanks for engaging with us on the journey, we appreciate your views and feedback and of course, many thanks to the brilliant sponsors and supporters that have been with us from the outset.

If you want to partner with us on Footwear, Rucksacks, or as a generic provider of a comprehensive range of outdoor wear, we would love to hear from you.

2022 and beyond.

Next year, I am proposing to facilitate guided walks within the Peak District, for those interested specifically in locating ‘Over Exposed’ the B29 crash site located near high shelf stones on Bleaklow. Very reasonably priced at £30 per person, you can be sure of a fun day out and safe return.

Alternatively, and should there be sufficient interest, I will conduct the same but with specific Navigation training to help build both confidence and competence in aspects of land navigation. Again, reasonably priced at £75 per person.

The fees charged will support the ongoing website development and support of our two chosen charities Mind and Fix the fells.

Please feel free to contact us via our website.


Martin and Chris.

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