Dark Skies – staying safe at Night

As you will all have noticed October is here now, the weather has cooled a little, but the nights have really drawn in and the sun seems to take just a little bit longer before it decides to rise and shower us with its brilliance.

One aspect of staying safe, particularly whilst you are out in the hills and mountains is having a form of lighting that will support you and enable you to be safe, should you over run a late afternoon walk or indeed if you are competent enough to be spending your time out night navigating.

Everyone will typically have their own personal favourite ‘bits of kit’ and with that in mind let me tell you a little about mine, that being the LEDLENSER H7R CORE headtorch.

Just to give some context, I have been using this product for over 9 years now, since I was first introduced to this brand, and as such I am an advocate of this quality product.

These are the details of this model – the H7R Core

  • IP Class 67 rated – means its waterproof
  • Advanced focus – from broad flood of light to long distanced beam focus (approx. 250m)
  • 7-year warranty – coupled to quality German engineering, you’ll probably never need it!
  • 130-degree rotating head – allowing you to adjust the angle of the dangle!
  • 1000 Lumens light output – It’s bright!
  • Quick magnetic charging system -means you don’t need to remove the battery to charge, just attach the magnetic charging cable to a standard USB port.

That’s the Corporate details of the product, but for me, in layman’s terms these are the aspects that I believe make it an exceptional piece of kit to have in your rucksack.

The headband/cradle is great, its sits comfortably on your head and is made of an Anti-microbial material stopping gremlins from growing on it, its also detachable for washing.

Its easy to operate, the push on switch is easily located on the right-hand side and has a dimming function when you don’t need full visibility (helps when viewing maps)

The advanced focus, on the lens, is easy to operate between near distance (flood light effect) and far distance (narrow spotlight beam effect)

It ‘feels’ robust, you know that this little rascal is going to cope with a few ‘bumps and bruises’ along the way and still perform.

And finally, it has a neat little charging/charge indicator (see picture) displaying what life you have left in the battery before you need to re-charge it.

Because the people at LEDLENSER are seriously nice people, they have offered a discount code as follows:

PO365LL15- use this code to get 15% off any of their products on the LEDLENSER website.


Shine brightly folks


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