Zwolle to Kampen along the River Ijssel 2/8/21

So woke up early and although I was looking forward to getting out, the temptation to stay in bed was huge!!!!! I had sorted my Backpack the day before, so after quick contents check I was ready to rock and roll. The temptation to get back into bed though was still immense….

I planned to do a river walk which where I live in Zwolle, we have a choice of 3, the IJssel, Vecht and Zwarte water ( Black water ). Today’s selection was going to be The Ijssel River between Zwolle and Kampen which is around 19kms.

Starting at the train station in Zwolle it was a quick walk towards the big Lock gates just outside the city. On the way past some friends who were having their morning breakfast outside their home in the garden at Dinoland, (see picture) wouldn’t like to see them in the dark!

The weather was mild, so today I was sporting my shorts and Brubeck long sleeve shirt with the Brubeck socks, which am quite pleased about after using the last month. The Brubeck socks are great, nice and comfortable on your feet and wick well.

The route along the canal and though the trees was nice and peaceful, and I came to the beautiful old Dutch draw bridges, where I sometimes stop and have a drink and sandwich.

I crossed the bridge and turned left towards the river Ijssel. I really like this walk and have done it plenty of times, although I always go in the morning as it gets busy in the day due to it being also a cycle route too. The area is called Vreugderijkerwaard (More Joyful) which is a Nature area.

It’s easy to see why it is called more joyful, as its beautiful walking along and seeing all the birds feeding on the wet areas and flying around catching the early insects, its true what they say, a river is a vein to life .

Continuing onwards I met a few people walking their dogs who had also enjoyed the route just to see the birds feeding. Then it was a pit stop and when I do this route I stop in a place where a bridge has been built to an island in the middle of the river where a small farm is. In the past when the waters been high, I have seen it hit the level of this bridge, I find it incredible that people still live there though!

Refreshed it was time to go as it was slowly getting a bit darker in the sky and could feel the rain was on the way, fingers crossed I would keep dry. The next passing point is a nice Tea house where most people stop and have a drink and cake etc, and also you can take the Zalkerveer Ferry boat to the other side, but not for me this time.

Photos done, and I was off again heading towards the village of Wilsum which is 700 years old and has two beautiful old churches, it’s a small place but has really nice old houses and gets busy in sunny weather with the bikers, it’s a very pretty place.

In the distance I could see my target the high road bridge of Kampen, while in the past walking this route with others , it’s been funny because this big bridge moves around from left to right due to the river turns all its corners so you never seem to get close to it!

The birds were still out, and I was enjoying stopping and watching them and hearing all their singing in flight, fortunately on this route there are plenty of information signs and boards telling you about the area, birds, and animals so great for people who enjoy learning about it (me included).

As I approached the big road bridge, I could see Kampen now on my left side and the big churches, which in the past I have been told were the beacons for people to head too due the area being so flat you could see them from a far. Kampen is a beautiful place where in the past was a busy haven for boats and ships before the land was reclaimed in the polder areas. It’s still a boat haven where sometimes during the year they have a big Sail event with all the wonderful sailing boats.

I crossed over the Ijssel to take some photos of the ships and walked to the train station for train to Zwolle. All in all, it was a great walk and 19kms later I was home before 10.30. My urge to stay in bed had long since been forgotten and was suitably replaced by the sights and sounds of nature that I had witnessed on today’s walk.

Chris ( Clogs )

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